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The Professional Difference

These days, anyone with a camera and a computer can be the star of their own web video or use their phone to take a picture of your event, but will that media send the right message to your potential clients? To rise above the fray, hire a trained professional to communicate your message through video or capture your event with photos. Invest in the future success of your business or organization and make sure you convey the right image!

Video Production Services

Educational Video Production - Short or long edited segments using video footage, graphics, interviews, scripted material or dramatizations designed to educate your employees, clients, or target audience.

Commercial Production - Television commercials designed to improve the image of your organization or to promote your business or product.

Event Videography- Video footage and interviews of a particular event in order to produce a video or video news release about that event. Similar event photography includes corporate fundraisers, charity events, weddings, school events, ministry events, and parties.

Video News Releases - Broadcast-quality television news-style edited stories about your organization or interest group, designed to be delivered to television stations by tape or satellite for use in their broadcasts.

Audio Visual Event Planning- Assessment of audio and visual needs, as well as assistance with the acquisition (purchase or rental) of equipment and execution of audio visual displays or activities for corporate meetings and events.

Media Relations - Assistance in the preparation of news releases, invitation and cultivation of media contacts.

CD/DVD Duplication - High Speed duplication is available for both CD and DVD media. Simple black or full color labels are printed directly on the disc surface to offer, the most professional results.

Photography Services

Event Photograhy - From corporate events to parties and sporting events, capture the important moments through photography. Share the photos through prints, photo books or an interactive web gallery for your family, team or company.